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Our Story

The Flexxifinger Story

In the late 1990s, a farmer just outside of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada had a lentil crop laying on the ground because of weather damage. The only lifters available at the time were not giving him the results he wanted because very little of his harvest was ending up inside the hopper. Instead of lifting his crop, those lifters were breaking the plants and pushing his lentils into the ground.

He began designing a crop lifter that could be adjusted to be able to get under the canopy to actually lift the crop up even though laying on the ground. This would become the Flexxifinger® Pulse Crop Lifter™. Since then he has continued to develop and expand the line of crop lifters into a variety of high quality attachments that help farmers worldwide.

Since that time, this same farmer, Dave Dietrich, has patented his ideas. Flexxifinger® now offers several types of crop lifters, each created to suit different crop types, soil conditions and levels of damage. In addition, Flexxifinger® is expanding its listing of available products to also offer the Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker rotary rock picker and the Flexxifinger® Vibra Screen™.

The idea driving Flexxifinger’s® innovation is pretty simple – “recognize a need and fill it” – by creating high quality, easy to use products that will benefit its clients.

Still based in Assiniboia, Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. is the premier manufacturer of harvesting aid attachments. From its humble beginnings in a farmer’s shop, being sold out of a truck, and growing to a network of more than 500 dealers and/or distributors across North America, Australia, Europe and Africa, Flexxifinger® has truly become The Choice of Mechanized Farmers Worldwide™.