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About Company

Flexxifinger® has earned an international reputation for its quality products that help farmers to harvest their crops. Building on the high-quality and innovative design of the original Flexxifinger® Pulse Crop Lifter™, Flexxifinger® has continued to grow its product line to include harvest products suitable for a range of different salvage situations.  The newest product addition,the Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker rotary rock picker, extends Flexxifinger’s commitment to quality and innovation beyond harvest.

Founder Dave Dietrich tackled the design of the crop lifter from a very common problem faced by crop producers around the world:

"One day, I was a number of miles from home, straight combining lentils. I had longer lifters on the header and the day turned really hot - almost 40 degrees Celsius. I could see that the lentils were shelling out as they were climbing those longer lifters on the way to the combine knife, so I decided to take them off. The only wrenches I had with me were an open end and a box end wrench, so it took me quite a while - about 2.5 hours - to remove them.Out there in that heat, I kept thinking that there had to be a better way."

"As a farmer growing peas and lentils, I could not find a crop lifter on the market that would work to my satisfaction in pulse crops. I wanted a crop lifter that was:

  • gentle on the crop
  • gentle on the combine
  • easy to adjust
  • easy to maintain and quick to take off and put on the header.

Those were the principles from which the lifter was built."


Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. is a team of dedicated farmers and farm industry workers diligently striving to manufacture innovative, durable, and dependable harvest attachments.


To develop a reliable line of harvest products that become The Choice of Mechanized Farmers Worldwide™.


Teamwork, positive attitude, integrity, respect, accountability, excellence, innovation, communication, leadership development, passion, loyalty, and stewardship.


Founded by long-time Saskatchewan farmer, Dave Dietrich, Flexxifinger® QD Industries Inc. began operations in 2005 with the introduction of its flagship product, the Flexxifinger® QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter. After only twelve short months in business, the company had attracted international attention, taking home the award for Best New Invention at the 2006 Western Canada Farm Progress Show. Flexxifinger® was also recognized later that year as a finalist for Best New Product at the 2006 Saskatchewan ABEX Awards. Since then, the company has grown into a thriving enterprise, with active distribution throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe, and a client base around the globe.