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Flexxifinger’s line-up of crop lifters use our patented QD™ Quick-Detach technology to secure the lifter to the header’s guard system.  (For more information regarding QD™ Quick Detach technology, please visit the Our Technology page.)

Once you receive the product, the QD™ Nut Assembly will need to be installed on the header.  The spacing of the QD™ nuts depends on the configuration that is required for the crop type and conditions.  Typically, the spacing is every 12” (30cm), but for row seeded or bedded crops, the configuration may need to be different.  For more information regarding, custom configurations, please contact our Sales & Support Team. 

Each box should contain a copy of the installation instructions.  These instructions contain specific information about how to install the QD™ nuts on the header, how to attach the lifters, how to adjust the lifters and how to remove the lifters.  

In general, the steps required to install any of Flexxifinger’s crop lifters is:

  • Install the nylon finger into the lifter receptor, when applicable. 
  • Install the QD™ nut assemblies on the header at the required intervals – 12” (30cm) for most crop types.
  • Attach the lifters to the header.
  • Adjust the lifter to the desired angle.
  • Combine 100 feet.  Re-adjust the nylon fingers and/or lifters as required.
  • Once complete, remove the lifters.  The QD™ nut assemblies can remain on the header.

To download a copy of the instructions for our Crop Lifters, please visit Guides & Manuals.

The Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker requires a universal quick-attach plate to attach to the skid steer loader or tractor.  If your skid steer loader or tractor does not have a universal quick-attach plate, please contact your implements dealer or the skid steer loader manufacturer for more details.  

The requisite hydraulic flow to operate the Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker is 7 US Gallons per minute (6 Imperial Gallons per minute / 26.5 litres per minute).

For more specific instructions for the installation of the Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker, please refer to the Operator’s Manual.  

To download a copy of the Operator’s Manual for the Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker, please visit Guides & Manuals.