Watch what farmers have to say about Flexxifinger®

Hear what farmers have to say about FlexxiFinger®

Interview with Dave Waldner of Valier, Montana with Dave Dietrich of Flexxifinger™®

Interview with Dave Waldner of Valier, Montana with Bill Welk of Flexxifinger™®

Interview with Vincent Denis of Domremy, Saskatchewan with Dave Dietrich of Flexxifinger™®

Read what farmers have to say about Flexxifinger®

"We had 10,000 acres of dry edible beans that were seeded solid, so we were looking for a lift guard to see if we could pick them up without thrashing them before getting them to the header, and I believe we found that in these Flexxifinger™ lifters. In the end, I figure we were saving about a bag an acre; and at the time, a bag was about twenty dollars, so it doesn't take long to pay for them."

Pembina, North Dakota

"I used Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifters last year on my rigid header in peas, and they worked very well. Then I used them on my flex header in the lentils, and they worked exceptionally well. Even though the lentils were down, I could go both directions, and still get 99% of the crop. I would recommend them to anyone."

Dodsland, Saskatchewan

"The main benefits were probably in lentils. We went into some fields where they were laying one way or another - where they were just about impossible to get without the lifters - and I think we probably gained somewhere between 15 to 20 percent."

Coronach, Saskatchewan

"We installed Flexxifinger™ nylon lifting pans (that attach to the Flexxifinger™ Pulse Crop Lifter) at 12 inch spacing on our John Deere 600 series flex header for 2009 harvest of pinto beans and soybeans. They worked very well and were trouble-free. The fields had been rolled. The year previous (2008) we had installed five prototype pans on part of the header for pinto beans. We counted the beans and pods on the ground behind the header and compared it (to where there were no pans) and found the beans that were saved would pay for the pans in less than two years."

ARDON HERMAN Minnewaukan
North Dakota

"We had a really wet year in 2007. In fact, we lost about 30% of our crop due to flooding, so our peas were really down. Using the Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter on a 925 rigid header, I was picking up better than my dad, who was running a newer model flex head equipped with the other type of steel lifters. I think I only broke two fingers on an entire section - it's an absolutely phenomenal invention."

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

"Without the Pulse Crop Lifters, cutting one way, I was probably losing between half a mile and three quarters of a mile in speed because I could not pick the crop up off the ground. Using the Pulse Crop Lifters, I had virtually no problems. They picked the crop right off the ground, even in the lodged conditions. It made harvesting those peas very easy."

Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
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