Watch what farmers have to say about Flexxifinger®

Hear what farmers have to say about FlexxiFinger®

Interview with Dave Waldner of Valier, Montana with Dave Dietrich of Flexxifinger™®

Interview with Dave Waldner of Valier, Montana with Bill Welk of Flexxifinger™®

Interview with Vincent Denis of Domremy, Saskatchewan with Dave Dietrich of Flexxifinger™®

Read what farmers have to say about Flexxifinger®

"The tail of this finger is what makes it work so nice. It will actually lift the crop up and into the pickup reel of the flex header, rather than just having it drop and sit on top of the knife. I think I've probably increased my yield average, even on a crop that is standing up quite well. On small lentils, you'd see a five percent increase by using these. Anybody that is going to grow pulses - sooner or later they're gonna have to have a lifter, either for a downed crop, wind damage or something. The other lifters I have used were big, cast, and some iron, and we did wreck a couple of headers with these. They would dig into the ground, and peel the front of the header right upside down. With this product, I'm fairly certain there isn't a chance of that whatsoever. It would just break the plastic off, which is a lot cheaper than $8,000 or $9,000 worth of repairs on a header."

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

"They helped so much in the downed pulse crops that we paid for them in the first field, so we were very happy. They looked like they would be the cat's meow on a flex header, and they were."

Briercrest, Saskatchewan

"The bottom line with these lifters is the yield. We've gained in our lentils from 2-5 bushels per acre, for sure, depending on the crop conditions. But we have gained. We're not shelling like we were before. The ground isn't green. There still is some loss, but that's combining."

Glenbain, Saskatchewan

"Love the pulse crop lifter.
May just have saved my pea crop last year! (2007)
Can't wait for your next product!"

Taber, Alberta

"We used the Flexxifinger™ Pulse Crop Lifters in 2008 with the short pulse crop replaceable nylon fingers on our JD 30 foot flex header. This past year (2009) we used them on our Lexion 580R c/w 40 foot flex header and an AWS air reel. We harvested edible beans (both white and navy beans), and were pleased with the performance. The lifters are exceptionally gentle on the bean stalks and yet strong enough to lift the bushy and almost rotten stalks high enough to do a good cutting job.

I know that crop was saved by the gentle lifting action, and without these lifters some of the beans would have needed to be cut one way. We probably saved 200 -300 lbs per acre at a selling price of $35/cwt. This gave a quick payback.

We left the Pulse Crop lifters on for the season but on a normal season doing edible beans, there are times one may want the lifters off, and the quick detach idea is great. I would be happy to recommend them and I would also be happy to try a different model of Flexxifinger™ in a wheat crop that lodges."

Hasta Farms Ltd.
Listowel, Ontario

"My brother and I harvested 1200 acres of peas in 2005-2006, and bumped our seeded acres up to 1600 for the 2006-2007 crop year. The Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter is superior to any pea lifter we have used in the past. We were looking for a lifter that would allow us to pick our header up off the ground just far enough to allow us to travel at a good ground speed without damaging the header. Careful adjustment of the lifter is important to find that "sweet spot" that allows for clean picking of the crop and little down time for bent or broken fingers. If you do hit a dead head with the lifter, repairs take two minutes, and this lifter does not interfere with the reel. If the neighbours ask me what I know about growing peas, I tell them to put Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifters on the header."

Reston, Manitoba
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