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Triple S™ MidCut™ Crop Lifter
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Flexxifinger® Triple S™ Series

Triple S™ series fits all systems that have a guard finger in front of the knife because of a universal-fit rail that attaches to the header. The unique eyestrap method of attaching the lifter’s arm and riser to the rail creates a highly adjustable product that can be angled to suit your header or crop type and will allow the lifters to be configured on the header to work in unison. As with all Flexxifinger crop lifters, the Triple S™ crop lifters use our patented QD™ attaching and detaching technology and can be removed and or installed in 3 – 5 minutes per header, after the initial installation.  

The Triple S™ MidCut™ lifter is the most efficient lifter in the series when it comes to sawfly and wheat stem maggot damaged crops. This lifter leaves a medium height stubble, approximately 140mm (5 ½”). The Triple S™ MidCut™ significantly increases crop salvage, recovering broken off stems close to the ground. The shoe and nylon finger combination allows the Triple S™ MidCut™ to glide over cracks and small holes, making it a safer crop lifter, even on irregular ground conditions.



A spring steel eyestrap allows for adjustability within a range of about 40 degrees. 

Universal fit

The Flexxifinger® Triple S™ MidCut™ is compatible with virtually every guard system on the market.

QD™ Compatible

Flexxifinger® uses the same patented QD™ technology on all its lifters, which makes it possible to quickly interchange different Flexxifinger® lifters on the same header without the need for removing the guard bolt each time.


Crop type: cereals, oilseed, forage and other specialty crops

Generally, the recommended spacing is one lifter per foot across the header. Harvesting some row or bedded crops, where lifters mounted to the row or a combination of different Flexxifinger® lifters to maximize recovery have proven beneficial.

** Some or all of these components are made of steel, therefore care must be exercised by the combine operator to minimize possible damage to the header/ combine.**


Optional Accessories

32310 Carriage Bolt

This Carriage bolt is for select headers that have a poly skid plate held on by a 7/16” (11mm) carriage step bolt from under the header, which tapers to 10mm in order to mount the QD™ nut assembly. 

32312 Carriage Bolt
This Carriage bolt is for a header that uses a 7/16” (11mm) carriage bolt from under the header, which tapers to 10mm in order to mount the QD™ nut assembly. 

32314 Carriage Bolt
This Carriage bolt is used on a header that has a 10mm guard bolt from under the header, in order to mount the QD™ nut assembly.  

40090 Off-set Bracket
On headers that have 4”(100mm) spacing between the guards, there will be instances where the guard bolts do not line up with the guard point, making the installation of a lifter at specific intervals impossible.

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