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Our Products

PRODUCTIVITY. It's one of the most important words in agriculture. Every year, producers from across the globe struggle day in and day out to find the perfect balance between the most effective products on the marketplace and an efficient time management strategy. Without it, farmers simply cannot maximize the overall potential of their operations. But with equipment from Flexxifinger™ QD™ Industries Inc., there is no compromise. Our patented QD™ technology teamed with our proactive approach to innovation has given birth to an internationally-acclaimed line of harvest attachments, relied upon by producers - just like yourself - since our company's inception in 2005.

Following is a listing of our products with links for more details.

Quicker Picker Rock Picker by ROBO Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker Rock Picker
The Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker Rock Picker by ROBO is the World's first Rotary Rock picker. Leave your topsoil in the field where it belongs by spinning it off the rocks you pick with the Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker. More...
Limbinator banner Limbinator Saw
The Limbinator Saw allows one to trim trees from the comfort and safety of the seat of a tractor or skid steer while the Limbinator reaches up to 20 feet with its' hydraulic powered chainsaw. More...
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Pulse Crop Lifters Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter
Winner of the Best New Invention award at the 2006 Western Canada Farm Progress Show, the Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter has revolutionized the way pulse crops are harvested. The short nylon finger can also be swapped for a longer finger, ideal for cutting higher off the ground. More...
Heavy-Duty Lifter Flexxifinger™ QD™ HD™ (Heavy-Duty) Lifter
Flexxifinger's HD™ Lifter was introduced in 2010, released after overwhelming amounts of positive feedback in the customer trial phase. It integrates the functional design of the Pulse Crop Lifter, with a longer, thicker nylon finger - perfect for downed cereal crops. More...
MidCut Lifter Flexxifinger™ QD™ MidCut™ Lifter
Designed to salvage crops damaged by hail or sawfly, the Flexxifinger™ QD™ MidCut™ Lifter allows the operator to leave between 5 and 6 1/2 inches of stubble in cereal crops. More...
HighCut Lifter Flexxifinger™ QD™ HighCut™ Lifter
Manufactured with a traditional spring steel lifter in mind, the Flexxifinger™ QD™ HighCut™ Lifter allows the user to leave between six and eight inches of valuable stubble in cereal crops like spring wheat and durum. More...
Flexxifinger™ QD™ Flexxifloat™ Lifter Flexxifinger™ QD™ Flexxifloat™ Lifter
The FlexxiFloat™ crop lifter is a series of lifters designed specifically for use on uneven ground, and will follow the fluctuations of the ground. With 5 interchangeable shoes, two interchangeable tails or the option of no tail and the ability to accommodate a lifting pan, the FlexxiFloat™ lifter is a great addition to the Flexxifinger line. More...
Carriage Bolt Conversion Kit Carriage Bolt Conversion Kit
Flexxifinger™ is now proud to offer specially-made 10mm carriage bolts for customers using particular headers with poly skid plates. The new bolt attaches flush into the skids, preventing the head of the bolt from dragging on the ground or picking up unwanted plant material. More...
Flexxifinger™ QD™ Lifting Pan Flexxifinger™ QD™ Lifting Pan
In pulse crop production, every little bit counts. That's why Flexxifinger™ has introduced its nylon Lifting Pan, which attaches to the back of the Pulse Crop Lifter, and catches loose or shelled seed that would otherwise be lost. More...
John Deere HydraFlex™ Adapter John Deere HydraFlex™ Adapter
The John Deere HydraFlex™ Adapter is a bracket designed specifically for users of the JD offset guard system who need to mount lifters closer than every 12" while harvesting lentil or dry edible bean crops. More...
Flexxifinger™ QD™ Sunflower Pan Flexxifinger™ QD™ Sunflower Pan
PRODUCT UNDER DEVELOPMENT - The Flexxifinger™ QD™ Sunflower Pan is currently in customer trials, and will allow growers to harvest sunflowers using pans mounted on the same QD™ technology used with the our Flexxifinger™ lifters.

The QD™ Advantage

The QD™ Advantage

Flexxifinger's patented QD™ technology is widely regarded as the simplest, safest, and quickest way of removing and replacing crop lifters. After the one time installation of the specially-designed QD™ nuts on the header, users have the ability to detach, install, or swap our other harvest attachments for their varying crops and field conditions, without the time burden of bolting them off and on.


Installation is easy. It takes about as much time - usually less - as it would to bolt on a set of our competitors' lifters, only once installed, you have the freedom to remove or replace your Flexxifinger™ lifters in seconds. First, you remove the existing guard bolt and insert a longer bolt (provided) up through the vacant slot. Then you place a few washers (also provided) overtop for spacing purposes, screw the QD™ nut onto the bolt, and tighten. The QD™ nut stays on from there out.


Washers are used so that the lifter rail slides level into the groove of the QD™ nut. Using washers allows us to be more flexible, and fit the various guards and header systems by simply adding or subtracting them for spacing. We believe this is a better option than making a specific spacer for each header. For example, on most models, the user can install lifters on any guards, but some guard bolts also fasten through a knife hold down or flex header retainer. If the farmer chose to install the lifter on a different guard than those we recommended (and provided spacers for), the spacer would have to be modified so that the QD™ nut was at the correct height.


Each Flexxifinger™ QD™ nut is designed with a "safety groove" to minimize the chance of losing a lifter in the field, should the rear spring lift upwards while reversing, or due to tough crop conditions. Once the groove catches the spring, any forward momentum will move the lifter back into place.


The Flexxifinger™ QD™ system fits almost every header and guard on the market, from Case IH, to Honey Bee, to John Deere (and more). If you are a user of the quick cut knife and would like to use our products, please call our office at (306)642-4555.